Are your skills in demand?

Can you realistically find work in New Zealand? Absolutely!

What are your chances of finding a job?

There are a number of criteria that will determine how likely you are to find work in New Zealand.

More specifically, if your occupation is in demand, you must ask yourself whether you are fit for the job. Do you have the right skills and experience, and are they in line with the employer’s expectations? Do you meet the requirements to apply for a visa in New Zealand?

Years of experience in job search

Our team of Licensed Advisers has years of experience in helping migrants not only through the visa process but also the entire job-search and hiring process. We can improve your chances of being offered a position in New Zealand by presenting your profile in its best light, and by meeting the local job market’s standards. Many applicants also have a diverse array of skills. We can advise you on the occupation(s) that are most likely to result in a job offer so that you can make an informed decision.

Comparable labour markets

You may be coming from a country where the job market is dramatically different from the New Zealand job market, and you may have to prove the quality of your work experience. Moving to a new country is also about being realistic and if you are struggling to find a job in New Zealand you might have to temporarily downgrade your expectations in terms of salary, rank, or region.

Job market research

We recommend you thoroughly do a market research before applying for jobs. This will show you what occupations are advertised most frequently, and contribute towards giving you a clear understanding of where you may fit in the market. If you see a number of positions that you could potentially apply for, this is a good start. You may be tempted to apply for jobs but at this stage, we do not usually recommend you do so before you have received our instructions and you are ‘document-ready’.

Be prepared. Do not ruin your chances.

You will usually only get ‘one shot’ at applying for a particular position and it will hard to convince a potential employer to wait for all your documents to lodge your visa application, even if they initially showed interest in your application.