NZ Residence via employment

New Zealand is looking to attract global talents and offers several residence pathways to skilled workers.

Employer Sponsored residence pathways for New Zealand

There are 3 skills-based residence pathways that you may consider, depending on your skills and background, these are:

  • The Skilled Migrant Residence pathway
  • The Green list pathway
  • The Care Workfroce and Transport Sector Agreement pathways

These residence pathways lead to the grant of a New Zealand resident visa to candidates who have skills that are needed in New Zealand, that are able to make use or transfer these skills, and that will successfully settle and contribute to the country. Some allow you to apply straight for residence, while others require that you work in New Zealand on a temporary work visa for 1, 2, or 3 years, before you can apply for residence.

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Sourcing global talents to work in New Zealand

Through these categories, Immigration New Zealand is looking to give ‘global talents’ local opportunities.

Do I need a Licensed Immigration Adviser to help?

Because meeting all the requirements or attaining a certain level of points is dependent on so many factors, it is essential to have your eligibility assessed by a licensed immigration advisor to ensure you will meet New Zealand immigration requirements and avoid costly disappointment.

Our residence service includes

  • Your personal adviser will manage everything required for the entire process, taking all the stress off your shoulders.
  • We will apply for a visa on your behalf. Any temporary visa applications that may be required (such as work visas to allow you to start work while your residence application is being processed or as an initial step before you are eligible) are included in our price!
  • Job search support.
  • Advice on CV writing/modifying for the unique New Zealand market.
  • Settlement advice and support – we know what life is like in NZ.
  • Invaluable ‘insiders’ knowledge – Our principal adviser was previously a Case Officer for Immigration New Zealand!
  • We are based in New Zealand, so can deal with local employers on your behalf – a huge advantage over off-shore immigration consultants.
Skilled Migrant Category

The Skilled Migrant Category

This is a points-based system subject to securing skilled employment in New Zealand and requiring 6 points to be eligible. You may, depending on your profile, apply straight for residence, or seek residence after working on a temporary visa for some time.

The Skilled Migrant Resident visa

Green list occupations
Sector Agreements

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