New Zealand visas

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What New Zealand visa do I need to come to NZ?

Non-NZ citizens require a visa to enter New Zealand, whether granted on arrival or applied for prior to travelling

Which visa should you apply for? The visa you require and your eligibility depend on your purpose for coming to New Zealand, the duration of your stay, and your current situation.

Different visas give different rights, and some are conditional to meeting certain conditions and criteria.

Note, there are also requirements to be generally healthy and have no character issues such as prior convictions or charges.

Temporary or residence visa?

Depending on your skills and experience, you may be eligible for a residence-class visa, or you may need a temporary visa as a stepping stone to obtaining residency. The same applies for partnership-based visas, where a minimum time together is required before you can be considered for a residency application based on your relationship.

New Zealand Immigration policy also allows for visas based on the relationship with a NZ resident parent, child, or via investment.

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