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study in nzUniversity starts this week for many young New Zealanders, and a recent NZ Herald article reports that this year, students are most likely to take a degree focused on human society or culture, despite a trend to encourage science and technology.

While candidates say the popular BA (Bachelor of Arts) is highly beneficial to their professional life, the government would like a shift towards solving skill shortages in IT, science, technology, engineering, and maths. Other students opt for a dual-curriculum to get an edge over the competition and more real-world tools to prepare for their dream job: "I realised that an understanding of business concepts was only part of it. While I would understand organisational structures, having a Bachelor of Arts would strengthen my understanding in culture and history issues." says one student from Auckland University of Technology.

Plenty of opportunities

Whichever course you take , opportunities are there for you to seize. The New Zealand Education website has a wealth of information on how our system works, quality and standards, and the ideal path to your future career.

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