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All NZ employers who hire migrant workers from 1st November 2021 will have to be accredited.

Find out what you need to know with our free guide to employer accreditation.

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Thousands of Talents waiting to be offered a chance

With years of experience and over 95,000 potential migrants currently in our database, we can help New Zealand employers find the right talents to make their business thrive or, considering the current skills shortage, to simply keep it running. We can connect you with the skills that your business needs and ensure a smooth work visa process to get them over and working as soon as possible.

While we are not a recruitment agent, we can facilitate both the hiring process and the visa process by advising on immigration matters, accreditation requirements, the visa pathways, and ensure that the job offer meets INZ requirements in terms of salary, duties, or hours worked. You may also have to advertise the position appropriately to show to Immigration New Zealand that suitably qualified local workforce cannot be found.

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Accreditation services

Let us take care of the accreditation process so you can start hiring overseas.

new zealand shores immigration consultants

Visa services

Need staff? We will guide you through the visa requirements step by step so you can hire the staff you need.

Providing immigration advice

Remember that as an employer, you cannot legally provide immigration advice unless you are licensed by the Immigration Advisers Authority (IAA) or exempt of licensing (as is the case for New Zealand lawyers for instance).

What type of visa for my staff?

Depending on the applicant and the employers’ profile, we would most likely apply for one of the visas below:

    • Essential Skills Work Visa: allows an overseas staff to work up to 5 years in a skilled position (visa category closes 31 October 2021).
    • Work to residence visa: allows an overseas staff to gain residence 24 months after starting work with your company in New Zealand (visa category closes 31 October 2021).
    • Specific purpose work visa: allows an overseas staff to work for a set period of time and/or for a specific mission.
    • There may be other options for you


Note: The Essential Skills and Work to residence visas will be merged into the Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV) from 1st November 2021 as a result of Accreditation changes mandating compulsory accreditation for all employers.

Can I get pre-approved to hire migrants?

From 1st November 2021, any employer offering a role to a migrant must hold Accreditation. Become an Accredited Employer, and get the skills you need from a global pool of talents.

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