Bring your Family to New Zealand while on a Student Visa

In most cases the spouse and dependent children of a student can apply for and be granted a visa for the same duration as their partner or parents’ student visa. They can be granted either a visitor visa, student visa or work visa depending on the Tertiary course of study.

If you study a level 9 Masters or a level 10 PhD, your partner is eligible for an open work visa. Certain programmes level 7 or 8 may also warrant work rights for your partner. Contact us to determine the right programme for you.

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If your partner is granted an Open Work Visa, they can work full time in New Zealand.

If you have school age children, they may be able to attend Primary, Intermediate or Secondary school as “Domestic Students”, again which is dependent upon the tertiary course selected and in most cases your partner's eligibility for work rights. Alternatively, they may need to pay international student fees. Ask us now to ensure the correct tertiary student course is selected and your family are granted the right visa options.