Solving the Catch-22 Dilemma

How can I get a visa without a job?

Getting a job without a visa, or a visa without a job?

You have started looking for a job in New Zealand, and while browsing jobs you will have found that the vast majority of positions advertised mention:

Only applicants with the right to work in New Zealand may apply.
You must have a valid work visa or be a New Zealand Resident or Citizen to apply.

You must be wondering: how can I apply for a job without a visa and get a visa without a job? This is what we call the catch-22 situation. Or the chicken and egg dilemma: which comes first?

You can apply for jobs without holding a visa

Know this: it is perfectly fine and legal to apply for a job before you get a visa. As a matter of fact, job offer letters will often state as a condition that you obtain the right to lawfully work in New Zealand as required by immigration and employment laws.

The chicken and egg situation

In larger companies, New Zealand employers are usually aware of the ‘chicken & egg’ situation. However, smaller companies may be reluctant to hire migrants because they do not understand the immigration process and requirements. This is where professional, expert support from a New Zealand Shores Licensed Immigration Adviser will help, by clarifying the process to your potential employer.

As part of the process, we provide you with a support letter. It shows you are professionally represented in New Zealand and in most situation brings confidence to prospective New Zealand employers that you are serious about migrating, and have all your documentation in order.

Once again, you can apply for a job without holding a work visa. However, you will not be able to start working (or sometimes enter New Zealand), until a relevant work visa is granted.

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