New Zealand Active Investor Plus visa category

Gaining New Zealand residence through investment

What are investment options in New Zealand?

The Active Investor Plus visa is for those looking to gain residence by investing into a New Zealand business or other ‘acceptable investment’. It replaces the previous Investor 1 and Investor 2 categories, phased out mid-2022.

Investment specialists

New Zealand Shores has developed a reputation for investment visas as specialists in this field. Investing a large amount of money into a new country requires continual support and expert advice. New Zealand Shores and our partner bank ASB work with you to streamline the process making it a pleasant and straight forward process. New Zealand Shores also work alongside specialist financial advisors, brokers and real estate agents to offer you a complete financial service.

What happens after residence is approved?

Under this visa category, the visa applicant will be required to keep investment funds in an acceptable investment for three years, and may maintain their investments up to the end of a fourth year. They will also need to spend at least 117 days in New Zealand over the four-year period.

Eligibility criteria

A weighting system

This visa incentivises direct investment in New Zealand firms by using a weighting system. Direct investments in NZ firms will receive a 3x weighting per dollar. With an investment threshold of NZD$15 million, this means you may potentially be able to bring down your investment from NZD$5 million, if placed in such direct investments.

Indirect investments will see lower weighting applied to them. These include private equity (x2), venture capital funds (x2), as well a listed equities (x1) and philanthropy (x1). No more than 50% of your total investments may be invested in listed equities. Lastly, bonds and property may not be used for investments.

Weighting scale summary

  • 1x - listed equities and philanthropy (each capped at NZ $7.5 million)
  • 2x - managed funds, private equity funds, venture capitale funds
  • 3x - direct investments

What this means: as the 3x weighting is applied to a direct investment, NZ$5 million invested will be recognised as the equivalent of NZ $15 million in visa eligibility value.

English requirements

Under this investment visa category, the principal applicant will be expected to have a good command of English, equivalent to IELTS General 5.0, or similar test.

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Invest and retire in New Zealand

As an alternative to the Active Investor Plus visa, if you wish to come to New Zealand during retirement, you may consider the Temporary Retirement Visa or the Parent Retirement (residence) category (if you wish to live permanently in New Zealand).