You have a job offer in New Zealand

Getting a job offer is often the first step to getting a work visa.

I have been offered work in New Zealand, what do I do?

You have been offered a job in New Zealand and your employer needs to you start work as soon as possible. While they understand you may have a notice period of 2 to 4 weeks, most employers will expect you to be able to start work within 1 or 2 months at most. You need a work visa and processing times are currently around 2-8 weeks. While you may be very excited at the prospect of working in New Zealand, we also strongly recommend you take a day or two to consider the offer and ensure you have read all the fine prints.

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I am eligible under SMC, do I need a work visa too?

Even if you are eligible for residence under the Green List, Sector Agreements, or Skilled Migrant Categories and you have an offer of skilled employment, you will most likely require a temporary work visa because a residence application typically takes 4 to 9 months to be approved, or in many cases you may have

A temporary work visa will get you onshore to start work, and we will allow for your residence application to be processed in the background.

Immigration advice a key to success

If you have engaged in our services from the start, we would have guided through seeking the necessary documents, including qualifications, work references, police certificates, or any other supporting information. Be aware that the requirements can be very different depending on the visa category you will be applying under. Your New Zealand employer may also have to provide several pieces of evidence, or advertise for the position to prove that they cannot fulfil it with the local workforce.

If you have a job offer and have not prepared any documentation beforehand, this may delay your visa application and your employer may withdraw the offer after a period of time. Regardless, you may still come to us to prevent any further delay. We will verify that the offer of employment meets INZ requirements and we will ensure that the application is done right the first time. We also find it beneficial to discuss the requirements and lead time with your employer.

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