New Zealand employers VS hiring migrants

Are Kiwi employers reluctant to employ overseas workers?

New Zealand prides itself in having progressive, comprehensive and fair employment laws. Hiring new staff has legally-binding obligations for a New Zealand employer and can make their business thrive or crash. Hiring overseas staff may seem a daunting task for some New Zealand businesses, but we can help.

Potential reasons not to hire migrants

Some employers see the immigration process, or hiring overseas workers, like a long, complicated and bureaucratic process, and may therefore not be willing to bother looking into migrant candidates’ profiles. Other reasons why New Zealanders may be given preference include:

  • concerns about English proficiency
  • a lack of confidence in modern interview methods (via Skype for instance)
  • concerns that the applicant will disappear once they have set foot in the country
  • a lack of appreciation for overseas qualifications
  • concerns with the quality standards for certain industries overseas
  • concerns that the position is used as a stepping stone towards another job

Bridging the skill gap

While this reluctance may constitute an extra step to convince a potential employer, remember that New Zealand heavily relies on overseas workforce to bridge the skill gap. Best proof is: the government has lists that feature occupations in chronic shortage. Remember, however, that being on a list is not a requirement to get a visa. Even if your occupation is not on an Essential Skills in Demand List, your experience may prove rare in certain regions, and your assets invaluable.

Stand out from the crowd!

By acting as a local, recognised support agent, we can advocate on your behalf to potential employers. We have been spending a lot of time educating employers and we have partnered with hundreds of them. These are companies that have entrusted New Zealand Shores with all of their overseas workers’ visa applications. As a matter of fact, we have employers calling us on a daily basis to cross-check our clients’ credentials and seek clarification on the visa process.

We find that the vast majority of them do end up being hired.

Build your presence

In a wide range of industries, having a professional, online presence can be beneficial in your job search strategy. Visit our page on networking and the hidden job market.


Show your interest

Your job search strategy should include a robust follow-up method. Employers are busy and it may pay to proactively follow up on applications to show your commitment and particular interest in an application.

Following up