Find a job in New Zealand

If you choose to engage our full visa service, we will provide job search support to help with the job hunt process.

You need a job to get a visa but you need a visa to get a job. This 'catch-22' situation, where you need a job offer to support your visa application but an employer will not hire you without one, is familiar to many overseas candidates looking for a job . New Zealand employers are unfamiliar about the immigration process and how to go about hiring migrants, and without knowledge of Immigration New Zealand requirements, they see overseas candidates as too hard and most do not get past the CV screening phase. There is, however, a wide range of opportunities for skilled migrants to find a job in New Zealand and create a positive global impact as well improve the New Zealand skillset.


We have New Zealand employers looking for overseas staff.

How to job search in New Zealand

Making a plan of action for your migration process is the key to success. We encourage our clients to start their planning while still in their home country. It is important to create yourself a strong profile that showcases your skill set and at least test the job market before making that commitment to travelling to job search in person. Migrating can be an expensive project so you want to make sure you can minimize your financial risk. New Zealand Shores will help you to navigate your way through the job search stage and provide you with guidance and advice every step of the way.

Where to start?

No one knows your skill set better than you. You are the best judge of knowing whether an advertised role is perfect for you so do your research. It is a good idea to reach out to other industry professionals that already do your job in New Zealand, they are the best people to ask specific questions about the job market and how you can tap into it.

Alongside this you can research what employers you might like to work for, who the big players are in your industry and familiarise yourself with their company culture.

Another important aspect to consider for yourself and your family is finding a region that offers you the lifestyle you want. By focusing your job search this way you have a better chance of securing a job in a place that you want to call home. New Zealand offers a diverse culture, climate, landscape and activities so think about what's important for you.

Once you have gathered information on the job market and places to live you can start looking for employment.

Online networking can be a valuable tool to support your job search

Online networking

We can help you overcome the 'catch-22' barrier

Our clients receive a comprehensive job search package that contains lots of tips and tricks to approaching the New Zealand job market to be able to land that perfect job.

Our full visa service includes support for job seekers to ensure you can properly plan your move and get the best chances of securing an offer of skilled employment. It is vital that you have a New Zealand-based representative acting on your behalf as you start applying for jobs in New Zealand. As a local agent, our task will be finding the right way to approach the job market based on your skills, experience, and migration goals, and ensure a hassle free move.

We can:

  • Provide you with a New Zealand style CV and cover letter template to help you re-format your CV to meet the standard desired by New Zealand employers
  • Direct you to the appropriate internet sources and online services to look for jobs.
  • Be your local point of contact for New Zealand employers and recruiters. We can answer a prospective employer's questions and talk them through the immigration process, reassuring them of your eligibility and dedication to the position offered. This important step ensures your CV does not get discarded as a hopeless application.

Once you get an offer of employment

When you secure a suitable job, we liaise promptly with your future employer to source the documents required to lodge your visa application in the best possible timeframe. We also ensure that advertising, job description and employment agreement will meet the requirements, at no cost to the employer. Is your job full time? What is deemed part time in Immigration instructions? Are all the mandatory clauses in NZ Employment law correct in your contract?

For more information on finding work in New Zealand, we recommend you read our pages on tips to move to New Zealandlive in New Zealand and register to our free New Zealand guide.