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Why use our services?

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Why use our services to emigrate to New Zealand

Many people emigrate to New Zealand without engaging in the services of licensed immigration advisers and do so successfully. There is now however an increasing number of migrants looking for New Zealand immigration agents to increase their chances and create a clear and individualised path through the many immigration policies. Emigrating to New Zealand can be a complex and lengthy process, and immigration consultants are there to facilitate the process.

Trust licensed New Zealand immigration advisers

In May 2009, all (on-shore) New Zealand immigration agents were required by law to meet a professional industry standard and become licensed. This has been a great move for the industry to improve the quality of service you receive. You can check the register of licensed New Zealand immigration consultants at the Immigration Advisers Authority website

Before receiving advice, you should ensure your adviser is licensed, otherwise you are jeopardising your migration chances. Off-shore advisers are also required to be licensed as of May 2010.

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Here are a few reasons why you should look at getting help when emigrating to New Zealand

Dedicated advocacy

As Licensed Immigration Advisers, our job is to advocate for you and your family, and make things happen. Our team has your back and will liaise with New Zealand employers interested in your profile.

The right way, the right time

Let’s face it, for most people, emigrating will be one of the hardest decisions and toughest experiences your family will go through. Investing in this decision will ensure not only that you make it, but that you don’t get frustrated, disheartened and give up half way. This is a reality for many people who start the process, but then find themselves in the same position 3 years later!

No time wasted

A lot of people start the process themselves, only to find they have made a mistake or submitted the wrong information to immigration. Once you have done so, it can be a difficult procedure to correct. Plain and simple: Best to get it right the first time!

Follow up

We offer ongoing and continued support right through the process and will go beyond the call of duty for our clients. When you have arrived in New Zealand, we keep in touch and love to hear how you are settling in and how we can help.


The New Zealand Immigration policy manual is large and in order to confidently prepare correct applications you must understand relevant policy and its interpretations.

Always up to date

Policy is continually being updated and advisers are often informed of these changes before they come into effect.

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