Work visas for New Zealand

In order to commence work in New Zealand you must hold a valid work visa.

You may also have landed in New Zealand on a visitor visa, in which case if you get offered employment, you may apply for a work visa while onshore, based on this job offer. You can apply for an Accredited Employer Work Visa, which is granted for a maximum of 3 years and does not automatically lead to an application for a residence class visa. There are other specific purpose, seasonal or horticulture-specific visas. If your country has an agreement with New Zealand, and your are under a certain age threshold, you may be able to apply for a New Zealand Working Holiday Visa, allowing you stay for up to 12 months (sometimes more) to travel and work at the same time, and discover our amazing country.

The type of visa you can apply for depends greatly on your situation; whether you have a formal job offer, whether your qualifications and potential position are present on a skills shortage list, and so on.

By working with a licensed immigration adviser you ensure we apply for the correct and best visa for you.

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NZ Visa processing time

Many people wonder about the time it takes to process a visa. At New Zealand Shores we ensure you have the right documentation in place from the beginning, to minimise the risk of delays. However, processing times fluctuate depending on the Immigration New Zealand branch your visa is being processed at, and their workloads at that point in time.

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