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Frequently Asked Questions

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The skilled migrant visa is a points based system and to be eligible you must meet a set level of points based on set criteria such as your age, qualifications and work experience to have your Expression of Interest selected. The fastest way to determine whether you are eligible is to take our free eligibility test which can be found here.

The length of time it takes to process your application is largely dependent on what type of visa you are applying for and the branch in which your application is lodged. Different branches have different processing times and the branch in which you lodge your visa at is determined by the type of visa you are applying for and where you are living at the time of submission. See more information here on visa processing times.

New Zealand Immigration does not provide a service to help you prepare your application which means that there is no way of expertly checking your own application before submitting it. Using an immigration advisor to assist you with your immigration application ensures that you have up to date information regarding Immigration New Zealand policy.

It is important to prepare your application correctly the first time to ensure that you do not make costly and time wasting mistakes which could affect your chances of immigrating to New Zealand. Policy is continually changing and licensed immigration advisors are often made aware of the changes before they are implemented in to policy. By using a licensed advisor you can ensure that you are investing in your successful migration to New Zealand.

Immigrating to New Zealand will be one of the biggest decisions you have to make for yourself and your family. Here at New Zealand Shores we understand that no two families are the same and so we offer a tailored service to each of our clients. Regardless of the visa you are intending to apply for, we can offer expert and up to date knowledge to ensure that the process of migrating to New Zealand runs as smoothly as possible for you. New Zealand Shores offers a money back guarantee (subject to terms and conditions) to give you peace of mind that choosing our service will ensure that your visa is approved by Immigration New Zealand. We go beyond the call of duty for our clients and even once you are in New Zealand we love to hear from you to know that you are settling in to life in New Zealand as smoothly as possible.

It is possible to secure a job offer even if you are overseas. As part of our Skilled Migrant Service we offer you job search assistance which includes a New Zealand-style CV to make sure that potential employers consider your job application. Because we are based in New Zealand, we have a sound understanding of the New Zealand market and can act as a representative on your behalf to clear up any confusion surrounding the immigration process.

Yes! Once you have secured a job offer we are able to apply for temporary visas for yourself, your partner and your children so that you can commence your life in New Zealand immediately. Your partner will be entitled to work and your children will be entitled to attend school or university in New Zealand. Once you have been granted residence under the skilled migrant category you are entitled to all of the same benefits New Zealand citizens have including education and health

Everyone wanting to enter New Zealand must meet Immigration New Zealand’s standard of ‘Good Character’. Under some instances, you may be able to apply for a character waiver, however these are considered on a case by case basis. If you have a criminal conviction and you are unsure if you meet the standard of good character, it is recommended that you receive professional advice from in immigration advisor.