The New Zealand lifestyle

Life is for living!

Are you looking for a peaceful land, where you can raise a family, give your children opportunities, and enjoy a perfectly balanced lifestyle? Then think New Zealand!

Safe and family-oriented

New Zealand is very politically-stable, and the ideal place to bring up children. Like every other country, there is crime in New Zealand, but violent crime is scarce and our society is built on tolerance and diversity. As a matter of fact, the 2018 Global Peace Index ranked New Zealand 2nd as the safest country in the world, just behind Iceland. The UK ranks 45, the USA ranks 128, and South Africa ranks 127 out of 163 countries. We have very high quality education, and employers understand family commitments.

A balanced lifestyle

We work hard in New Zealand. But we also understand the need to take a break from work and enjoy time with family and friends. We have such fantastic outdoors all around the country, we mean to make the best use of it. Several international surveys frequently rank New Zealand within the top 6 countries to live in and migrate too. Our neighbourhoods have low crime rates and are very community-oriented. And ultimately, New Zealand is home to just 5 million people (the same population as Sydney).

Full-time employees get 20 days' paid leave and up to 11 days of public holidays and you may find yourself heading for the beach more often than you anticipated.

Wherever you are in New Zealand, you will also NOT spend half your day commuting, as most people work close to their home. Exception to this is the Auckland area which, like most cities over 1 million inhabitants, suffers from peak hour road congestion.