A diverse country

A home for you and your family

New Zealand's 5 million inhabitants are made up of very diverse ethnicities. The majority of us 'Kiwis' are of European descent (74%), with the indigenous Māori being the largest minority (14.9%), followed by Asians (11.8%) and non-Māori Pacific Islanders (7.4 %). Most new migrants to New Zealand come from Britain, Ireland South Africa, the USA, and growing numbers of skilled Asian professionals. Auckland is the most ethnically diverse region in New Zealand with just under 60% identifying as Europeans, 23% as Asian, almost 11% as Māori and just under 15% as Pacific Islanders. It is worth noting that many people identify with more than one ethnic group, which reflects a growing proportion of inter-ethnic marriages. We pride ourselves in being a very ethnically diverse country and certain government initiatives actively support and promote diversity at work. Our country's economy largely relies on migrant workforce and as such we welcome talents from all over the world to contribute to developing our infrastructures. If New Zealand demographics reveal a wide array of ethnicities, our country's geography also enjoys a large panel of landscapes and climates.


Although New Zealand has no state religion, as of the 2013 census, just under 50% of the population identify as Christians. Hinduism and Buddhism are the most significant minority religions with Islam constituting a small minority. Over 40% of the population does not have a religion.