Can I bring my pet to New Zealand?

Your pet may be able to accompany you to New Zealand.

In certain cases, you may bring your cat, dog or other favourite pet to New Zealand. However, you must clear them through customs and you may have to pay GST and duties on some animals.

Are all pets allowed?

Some animals are not permitted in New Zealand. This is to preserve our biological diversity. New Zealand as a unique (endemic) population of birds and has no bird diseases.

This includes:

  • live birds
  • ferrets
  • guinea pigs (except from Australia)
  • mice and rats (except laboratory animals)
  • snakes and other reptiles (except some reptiles for zoos).
  • Dogs if they are
    • American Pit Bull Terriers
    • Brazilian Fila
    • Dogo Argentino
    • Japanese Tosa
    • Perro de Presa Canario.
      • This prohibition does not apply if your dog is:
        • registered under the Dog Control Act 1996 (NZ Legislation)
        • a guide or hearing dog
        • a companion dog.

Not sure? Check the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) guide to importing pets or contact [email protected]

So, what's the process to import my pet?

You will need a biosecurity clearance from MPI, and receipt showing the value of your pet, a travel invoice/receipt, vaccination certificates, property documents, an imported animal clearance form, and a proof of ID (for yourself). Dogs must also be registered with your local council in New Zealand.

Does it cost anything?

You may be charged GST (15% tax) if your pet is worth NZ$400 or more. You may also be charged an import transaction fee. Note that the GST does not usually apply if you are coming to live here permanently or have a 3+ year work visa.

Bringing your pet to New Zealand is a long and costly process. You may want to enquire from a pet importer to have a better idea of the costs and process involved.