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new zealand business visas

Business Visas for New Zealand

nz auckland skylineEncouraging people to work and invest in New Zealand is a positive way of stimulating economic growth by bringing capital and valuable business experience to New Zealand. The investment categories allow eligible business people to buy or start a business in New Zealand. Establishing yourself in New Zealand not only brings with it rewarding business opportunities but a fantastic lifestyle as well.

New Zealand business visas can lead to securing permanent residence or temporary residence with the opportunity to secure permanent residence at a later date. New Zealand Shores can assist with both Investment and Entrepreneur visas. To find out if you may be eligible for a business visa for New Zealand, fill out our free eligibility assessment.

Just like individual business propositions, the Investment and Entrepreneur visas are unique in their own right and when considering applying for one of these visas it is important that you seek advice from a licensed immigration advisor to ensure that you are taking the path that best suits your situation.

Business Visas

Entrepreneur Work Visa

Under this category, you can buy, invest or start up your own business in New Zealand.

New Zealand Investor Visa

Investing money into New Zealand can lead to residence.