The employer accreditation process

How to get your company accredited? Below is a quick overview of the process.

Our step-by-step approach makes it hassle-free for your business.

Overview of the accreditation process

Immigration Employer Accreditation brochureThe immigration accreditation process does cover business-sensitive information and we completely understand there may be concerns throughout the process. We take a very practical approach to this and will only request information that is necessary for your application. Feel free to discuss directly with your adviser : we can advise on exactly what is required without having to provide too much (or too little) while also ensuring the INZ requirements are met.

It also goes without saying all the information you provide is highly secure and will not be viewed or shared with any party other than Immigration New Zealand for your application.




How long does it take to get accredited?

There are various stages to employer accreditation, including documentation, review, and processing. Getting the right documentation for your company's accreditation application is critical to the next steps. Our expert team will guide you through the process and carefully review the documentation you provide, highlighting gaps and compliance issues. This can take a few days or a few weeks depending on the size of your company, the documentation you have in place already and the changes required.

Once the application has been lodged, it will be placed in a queue to be processed, which can take a few weeks depending on the number of accreditation applications at that point in time. Immigration's online systems will conduct checks again a set of criteria, some of which are automated, while others will require a case officer's input.

All in all, an accreditation application may take one to three months from preparation to approval. We expect renewal applications to be considerably faster.

Preparing and Lodging your accreditation application

Once we have captured all the information required for a successful accreditation application, your adviser will prepare the application by completing the forms, preparing and presenting the documentation in the required format and writing a comprehensive overview letter for Immigration NZ.

The application will then be lodged with INZ.

Management of your application with Immigration New Zealand

After lodgement of the application, it can take a few weeks before it is picked from the queue and assigned to an INZ Case Officer. The timeframes are purely determined by INZ as to how soon this will happen.

Once your application is assigned to a Case Officer, we will manage the interactions with the Case Officer and any questions they may have right through to the final decision.

Unlimited immigration consultancy

There will be no extra charges from our company: we operate from a fixed price and offer unlimited immigration advice, not only throughout the accreditation process, however also for a 12-month period. Once you are accredited you are therefore supported ongoing with any questions you may have.

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