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Every company is different, we pride ourselves on understanding your business, applying expert immigration advice and finding practical outcomes to enable you to hire migrants.

The employer accreditation process brings about a range of additional requirements for your business to meet, some of which will be standard practice while there might also be some more complex areas to address. Small businesses in particular who do not have the luxury of full time Human Resources representatives will require some help with documentation requirements along the way.



Personalised consultancy

We take care of the whole process for you to get company accreditation. From the outset, you will be assigned a dedicated licensed immigration adviser who will be your main point of contact throughout the process, right to the final approval. You can engage in person, video conference, phone, online or email. Should they be unavailable for any reason we have a number of other fully licensed advisers who are always happy to help.

Pathway to employer accreditation

Upon capturing some initial information through our smart and secure online systems, your licensed adviser will review all the information and prepare instructions of exactly what will be required to obtain accreditation, specific to your business. These instructions will outline all the information, documentation and requirements to make your application successful.

Personalised assessment

As you work through the process to provide the required information, your adviser will be available to answer any questions you may have. Once the information is available, your adviser will

work through all the information and prepare your accreditation application. There will likely be quite a few interactions during this stage, we are very thorough yet also very practical to ensure applications are only submitted to INZ that we believe will be approved.

If you are unable to provide some of the requested information, we can introduce you to our proven HR partner who can provide a range of excellent and cost-effective advice and documentation.

We will then liaise with all parties to ensure the documentation addresses the exact requirements for your accreditation.

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