Help your migrant staff settle in New Zealand

Beyond the visa application, an employer should support their migrant staff in their initial settlement

You have put time and effort in finding the right talent for your business ; It is in your company's best interest to ensure your new staff's arrival and settlement into your work place lives up to their expectations. There are a few simple steps you should be mindful of, before arrival, on arrival, on their first day, and thereafter.

work in new zealandPrepare beforehand

Many migrants have thought through their migration for some time and are well aware of what to expect on arrival. Regardless, it is a huge undertaking for most families to start over in a new country. As an employer, you should be prepared to provide at least basic guidance for these new arrivals. This may be in the form of an orientation programme, or pairing the new staff with a more senior member of their team.

Life in New Zealand

Beyond the workplace, migrants will need some information about the region, accommodation, banking, transport, schooling, or tax. Some larger companies can afford a relocation package which helps contributing towards visa fees, or accommodation. But it's not just about money. Many migrants have relatives who can assist, but those who do not will welcome assistance from their co-workers in any shape or form.

Training and etiquette

On paper, a candidate may come across as meeting your requirements. Once on site they will also likely meet or exceed your expectations. However, beyond their professional or technical skillset, there may be differences in social etiquette, communication standards, or expectations on both ends. It is important you keep communication open to avoid disappointment for either party involved.

Did you know? Immigration New Zealand has a "checklist to plan ahead"

Compliance matters

Do not forget: migrant workers in New Zealand have the same rights as New Zealand citizens.

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