Residence pathway for Truck and bus drivers

Last year, the Government announced ongoing work on a transport sector agreement that would give a 2-year work to residence pathway for workers in critical transport occupations. The settings and eligibility requirements have just been made available.

Median wage exemption for work visas

Employers wanting to hire a bus driver on an Accredited Employer Work visa will have a median wage exemption set at $28 per hour (instead of $29.66). This is available effective immediately.

From 26 April, eligible employers can recruit bus drivers under the Accredited Employer Work Visa at a minimum of $28 an hour

Note that the employer must have signed the All Parties Memorandum of Understanding on Improving Bus Driver Pay and Conditions.

Also, the candidate must be a school bus driver on a Ministry of Education-funded school bus service.

Other roles may qualify for a work visa but will have to pay median wage.

Work to residence pathway opening later this year

The following occupations will qualify for residence from 29 September 2023:

  • Bus driver (731211)
  • Truck driver (733111)
  • Aircraft Refueller (733112)
  • Furniture Removalist (733113)
  • Tanker Driver (733114)
  • Tow Truck Driver (733115)
  • Deck Hand (899211)
  • Ship’s Master (231231)

Applicants will need to have completed 2 years' work in New Zealand and meet other eligibility requirements.

Eligibility for residence for bus drivers will be the same as for the median wage exemption.

Truck drivers will be eligible for residence if they are primarily driving vehicles that require class 4 or 5 licences.

Please reach out to us if you are in one of these roles and you believe you are eligible to apply for residence under this pathway.