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All NZ employers who hire migrant workers will soon have to be accredited. Download our brochure to find out more!

The new accreditation levels

Advertising / labour market test requirements

Transition for existing accreditation holders

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How to become an Accredited Employer?

Note: the information below is subject to major changes in 2021

What is a New Zealand Immigration Accreditation?

Are you struggling to recruit skilled workers and develop your business with the local work force? Are you unable to find New Zealanders to fill the roles? You are at a point where you have identified the need to rely on overseas talents to take your company to the next level, or simply to keep it running.

We can help you become an Accredited Employer by Immigration New Zealand.

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How does this work?

We will help you build a case to demonstrate to Immigration New Zealand that you are a sustainable employer with a genuine need to recruit from overseas. Once granted Accreditation, it will be valid for 24 months and you will be able to freely recruit overseas workers, in a streamlined process. You will need to offer at least NZD $79,560 per annum (or NZD $38.25 per hour) to meet the minimum threshold under this work to residence visa category.

What are the benefits of Accreditation?

Becoming an Accredited Employer with Immigration New Zealand will generally ensure faster visa processing, and will allow you to bypass the Labour Market Test. As an Accredited Employer you will not need to prove that you were unable to find suitable New Zealanders to fill a role, before you can offer that position to a migrant. You will not have to demonstrate your efforts to recruit New Zealanders or provide evidence of advertising for each visa application.

Accredited employer visas are also prioritised.

Faster visa processing, no advertising required

What visas can my overseas candidates seek?

If you are accredited and you offer a job to a migrant, they will be able to seek a Talent: Accredited Employer temporary work visa. Valid for 30 months, it allows them to seek residence after they have completed 24 months employment under their work visa. There are no qualification or work experience evidence needed for the visa application. Applicants will just need to provide evidence of identity, health, and character, as well as the usual employment documents (job offer, employment agreement). The principal applicant's family can seek visas based on their relationship with the main visa applicant, which will be granted for the same duration. Dependent children aged 5-18 may go to school as domestic students (no international fees).

What are the requirements to be an Accredited Employer?

In order to grant Accreditation, Immigration New Zealand must be satisfied that an employer:

  • is in a sound financial position to determine if the employment is sustainable; and
  • has human resource policies and processes which are of a high standard; and
  • has a demonstrable commitment to training and employing New Zealand citizens or residence class visa holders (to ensure they are engaged in training and up-skilling New Zealanders and that they make up a significant part of their workforce); and
  • has good workplace practices, including a history of compliance with all immigration and employment New Zealand laws

How long is my accreditation valid for?

Once granted, your accreditation is valid for two years.

What about subsidiary companies?

Subsidiary companies cannot be covered by the accreditation of a parent company. To be accredited, a subsidiary company must apply in their own right.

Not quite there yet?

You have a periodic need to recruit overseas, or cannot offer the minimum salary threshold? You may want to consider an Approval In Principal as an alternative to the full Accreditation. Don’t wait, contact us now for more information and get the right staff for the job: [email protected]

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