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New Zealand is an outstanding lifestyle destination, and we are here to make it happen for you. We take care of one of the biggest stresses of achieving your goal – the New Zealand immigration process. Our dedicated team of licensed immigration advisors knows and understands that every person or every family has individual situations, and so our focus is on you and your family as individuals.

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Listed below is a short overview of the different types of visas offered in New Zealand. The services provided by New Zealand Shores are aligned with these visa categories.

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New Zealand is renowned for its lifestyle and is a fantastic place to live and raise a family. Permanent residency gives you the opportunity to live and work in New Zealand on a long term basis.

Business visas

If you have money to invest in New Zealand and the entrepreneurial skills to put your ideas into practice then a business visa might be the ideal way to work and live in New Zealand.

Temporary visas

A temporary visa suited to you and your family will give you the opportunity to experience life in New Zealand for a set period of time.

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  • Ilze

    We highly recommend using NZ Shores when thinking of moving to NZ. Moving countries can be very stressful, especially with a small toddler. Sarah supported us every step of the way, we were able to get the exact documentation in place before entering New Zealand and once my husband got a job offer in place, the visa application went extremely smoothly. With Sarah's experience in immigration, she knows all the tricks of the trade and this was very obvious with the speed we received our residency. We landed September 8th in NZ and had our residency on the 11th of December. Thank you Sarah, this would not have been possible without you and your team.

  • Alex & Moe

    Sarah has been so helpful all along the whole process to help us getting our New Zealand permanent residency. She has a strong knowledge of all the little things that you need to know before applying, making the process really easy. She was always there to respond to all our questions, and we had quite a few, always reassuring us. We will never thank her enough as she was really the one that help us to achieve our goal to live permanently in NZ.

    I would recommend her services to anyone, if you need some help at some point, and you will, don't hesitate, you won't regret it, Sarah is truly a gem.

  • Adam, Amanda, Peter, Katie & Jo UK

    I cannot recommend New Zealand Shores highly enough.

    Once we decided to take the plunge and try and move to New Zealand I researched lots of websites and blogs and New Zealand Shores were the name that kept popping up. I decided to telephone Sarah and chat to her regarding the process.
    Although I was confident that, due to doing administration as a job, I could have dealt with the paperwork myself, I was very soon aware that Sarah's expertise and deep knowledge of the immigration process would be invaluable. And it was.

    So just after Christmas we signed up and the whole process began. We were ready to apply in March and came out of the EOI draw on 5 March and we were then on the airplane moving to New Zealand on 2 September !

    Sarah was there to answer any question (and I did have lots) , everything was dealt with quickly and efficiently. I did not find the time difference a problem as I am a night owl so I was always up when the office opened. In fact there were a couple of occasions when instead of laying in bed awake thinking about something I wanted to ask I simply got up and called Sarah who put my mind at ease and I then returned to bed for a good night's sleep!!!

    I have already passed Sarah's name onto several friend and do so with utter confidence. Thank you New Zealand Shores for starting us this amazing adventure.

  • Bharath and Sindhura

    Dear Sarah,

    We are very much thankful to you and the services you have offered to us. To be honest, without you this would not be possible. You have given us a new start in our lives. And thank God we are doing really well and will continue to do so.

    If you remember, we spoke to you exactly around this time last year. We were desperately praying for a miracle to happen and change our lives. Today, exactly after one year we are here in a very comfortable positions. We will remember your help for ever.


    Thank you so much...........

  • Fiona & Peter

    Moving to a new country and trying to understand & work through the immigration process can be a hugely daunting task. The personal level of service Sarah Crome and her team at New Zealand Shores gave us every step of the way made this a fairly stress-free process. Sarah is such a lovely warm, caring person, and was always available to address any concerns we had in a timely & professional manner. We would highly recommend using New Zealand Shores for your move to NZ!

  • Sumalatha & Knut

    We did a huge amount of research including interviewing a number of agencies that could help us with our visa application. No one were even close to New Zealand Shores. We felt very comfortable in engaging NZ Shores and this proved right. A very competitive price, high quality of services, we were always kept informed and any challenges that presented itself was well managed by NZ Shores. It is also very easy to provide information using the NZ Shores Web site. We wanted a consultant that could take care of the whole process for us and that is exactly what we got.

  • Katie & Mark

    We came to New Zealand on a working holiday initially and after living and working here for a year we decided we wanted to stay. We researched on the internet and found all the information on immigration very confusing. A friend suggested we contact Sarah from New Zealand shores to get advice on how we could go about staying.

    From the very beginning Sarah took all the confusing information out of it and made it very simple to understand what we needed to do. We began the whole process of residency with New Zealand Shores in October 2011 and by the end of January 2012 it was all completed. Sarah was helpful every step of the way even when I found it stressful and worried about all the paperwork she answered even my silliest of small questions.

    Sarah handled all the paperwork so professionally and efficiently I think I would still be sitting here trying to understand it all if it wasn't for her. She was also caring and made us feel like we weren't just another application. Even two years later she also helped with the final step in gaining our permanent residency, while also enquiring how our new life in New Zealand was going.

    I cannot recommend New Zealand Shores highly enough, their service is second to none.

    Thank you to Sarah & the team! :)

  • Werner & Rene

    What a pleasant experience it was since the first moments we started dealing with New Zealand Shores.
    My husband & I started looking at immigration to New Zealand & came across New Zealand Shores, Sarah Crome got in touch with us, explaining how it works & how to complete the points calculator etc.

    After the assessment, Sarah contacted us saying that we've got enough points, from that moment on Sarah answered all our questions on anything we could think about, from what the country is like, health to living costs - you name it we've asked it and Sarah handled us with great professionalism & made us feel at ease & welcome without even being in the country and without paying a cent for all the questions.

    We had skype calls & normal calls from Sarah while we were still in South Africa, helping us through the whole procedure from getting all the documents ready to what happens when you set foot on New Zealand.

    Not once did we have to follow up or chase anything, Sarah kept us informed and did more than her best to get everything sorted in a short amount of time.  Because we had enough points, she arranged our Permanent Residency within 2 months, it was such a comfort, just knowing that someone else cared for your and cared about how you are settling in in the new country.

    We got a couple of calls from Sarah after everything was finalized just to make sure that we are ok.

    Thank you New Zealand Shores and Sarah for the great service, friendliness, hours of talk & answering questions & just making us feeling welcome & cared for from the start.

    You are an awesome team, whom we would recommend easily.

  • Adam & Bethan

    We decided to move out to Auckland when we received a job offer and contacted a couple of migration agents for advice about how we could get a temporary work visa.  Not only did Sarah come back straight away, much quicker than anyone else, she went that extra step further and explained how easy it would be for us to get permanent residency, something that others were not as quick to mention.

    Sarah and Charlotte have been brilliant throughout the process - they always gets back to us straightaway and are happy to answer all of our many questions - believe us, we have asked quite a few!  They are so efficient and responsive (even emailing us late evening their time to make sure we are up-to-date with progress) and provide really straightforward and user-friendly advice, which is very welcome when trying to understand the mind boggling visa process.  They really know how the immigration process works.

    We had quite a tight timescale involved but the team secured our temporary visas extremely quickly and are working on our permanent residency, which we hope to get in the next few months.  Using Sarah and Charlotte has completely taken the stress off our shoulders, which couldn't be more appreciated when doing something so big as moving half way around the world!

  • Kelsey

    I used New Zealand Shores to help me successfully apply for a Partnership Work Visa, and a Resident Visa.  Having their professional help was beneficial for me because at one point I ended up needing an interim visa as well, and I would not have known what to do on my own.  It was also nice to have them tell me which relationship evidence and how many documents to include.

  • Alessandro, Italy

    It has been a pleasure to work with Sarah Crome from New Zealand Shores.
    She demonstrated a very high competency and assisted me and my whole family in the better way. She helped us a lot to join New Zealand from Italy assisting us with the bureaucracy and quickly answering all the questions. All her team worked consistently with us and the information provided were always clear and exhaustive.
    Thank you.

  • Vino, South Africa

    I would like to thank Sarah and Allan for assisting with my relocation from SA to NZ. Although it was a stressful time trying to adjust to a new country but with Allan’s assistance with the job hunting and Sarah’s assistance with the paperwork to immigration, life was so much easier. Within a timeframe of 4 months I received my work visa and my residency 2 months later. I would recommend New Zealand Shores to anyone considering relocating to NZ, not only for the professional services you will receive but for the beautiful country that it is.

  • Andy & family, Ireland

    Thanks to Sarah and her Team for all her hard work in dealing with the mountains of paperwork and all our questions prior to our successful visa grant. Sarah was extremely patient when explaining all the visa options to us step by step. Service was fast and efficient and communication second to none. Sarah has helped myself and my family secure work visa in a very short time scale due to hard work and efficient processing, which in turn is now leading to our Permanent Residency application. Would recommend anyone to use New Zealand Shores if they are looking for service and expertise of the highest level.

  • Paul & Helen, UK

    We contacted Sarah after discovering the New Zealand Shores website in early 2010. After an initial email exchange and then a Skype call, we were convinced that Sarah and New Zealand Shores would be invaluable as we transitioned from the UK to New Zealand. Our challenge was to relocate with 5 children aged between 2 to 19. With Sarah's help we started to application process in June 2010 and we arrived in December 2010, and were residents by April 2011. Any minor hiccups were immediately sorted by Sarah and her advice was always easy to understand and follow.

    We have now lived in New Zealand for nearly 4 years and we are all happily settled in Mount Maunganui. Our children have all rapidly fitted into the education system and are all doing very well.  We are all living the Kiwi dream. Helen and I would unreservedly recommend New Zealand Shores.

  • Carole & Stephen

    Having decided we wanted to move to NZ, we were concerned about using an agency, as you hear so many horror stories. Sarah was just amazing. She told us straight up what to expect. She was upfront, professional and had us so organised. She gave us such a personal service. We had a job offer within a week and a half, having only applied for six! Having Sarah deal with Immigration directly, alleviates alot of the stress and makes the process so much easier. Sarah kept in touch after our residency came through to see how we were settling into kiwi life, such a thoughtful touch! Cannot recommend New Zealand Shores more. In fact, we have recommended them already to some of our friends!

  • Jo & Darren

    We used the excellent services of New Zealand Shores at the start of our immigration journey over three years ago. From the first contact to getting the stamps in our passports Sarah never wavered in her confidence that we could realise our dream of moving to New Zealand.

    Sarah showed excellent professional boundaries, she never said she could get us extra points, get us pulled out of EOI pool or find us a jobs, it was those clear and professional boundaries that made us feel extremely comfortable engaging with Sarah. If any consultant says they can, before engaging with them, contact New Zealand Shores for some proper advice!!!

    The great thing about having an immigration consultant based in New Zealand is they can talk to prospective employers in real time. Once I had secured my role, Sarah was able to talk to my employer about the visa process, timings etc. That's a real plus as many employers may still be unsure of the process and be put off from hiring from outside of NZ.

    The other great thing is New Zealand Shores are here in New Zealand, they get how CVs should be set out, what information cover letters should contain. It's the small hints and tips Sarah offered along the way that turned out to completely invaluable.

    Our process was stalled slightly, however with Sarah's expert advice and sound knowledge of immigration law, our process was back on track. We now proudly live in New Zealand and in part that was due to the expert, prompt, excellent service and support we received from Sarah and the rest of the team at New Zealand Shores.

  • Dawn, USA

    Sarah at New Zealand Shores came highly recommended from a fellow migrant, and I'm grateful we connected. I'd already started the immigration application process on my own and my complicated situation left me wondering how to answer questions and whether my children and I would be able to get NZ residency. Sarah was effective and efficient in collecting information and eased my fears about our status. We got our residency less than a year after applying, I've recommended Sarah to several other new migrant friends, because she's easy to work with and really knows her stuff.

  • James, UK

    I arrived in NZ on a tourist visa with the intention of investigating residency visas as my wife and children are kiwis. I found the forms and  visa options  a bit of a minefield. It was unclear the right path to tread. I called New Zealand Shores, after a chat they put my worries to rest and guided me with ease through the complex process. I received my visas with no trouble at all and now live here. Im a happy customer... I highly recommend them.

  • Cary, UK

    Moving to the other side of the world was always going to be stressful - or so we thought! Sarah could not have been more helpful with every aspect of our visa process. She was happy to Skype and answer silly little questions via email - and we had a lot! Everything Sarah did put us at ease, and we kept wondering when the stress would kick in. Upon arrival here in NZ, Sarah and her team are still helping us with any queries that we have. New Zealand Shores service is second to none and I would thoroughly recommend their services to anyone considering emigrating to New Zealand.

  • Paul & Paula, UK

    The whole process of moving your life to another country is not the easiest you can take on but New Zealand Shores made it as smooth as it could have been. Sarah was incredibly patient and dealt with all our queries with ultimate professionalism. Despite the time difference between NZ and UK, we received quick responses to our e-mails and our worries were quashed without delay. The Immigration process was laid out very clearly to us and the pricing structure was both clear and accurate throughout. We have been in New Zealand for 7 months now and have settled well with new jobs and about to buy our own home. It has been a good move for us and New Zealand Shores supported us all the way.

  • Paul & Sammy, UK

    Sarah made the move so easy! We just sent all our documents and she basically did the rest. Even two years on, Sarah has been extremely helpful on another migration matter. I would highly recommend New Zealand Shores to anyone that wanted to migrate to new Zealand: a first class efficient service where nothing is too much trouble, especially when migrating is a highly stressful procedure. Your expert help make it well worth it.

  • Gerard & Ann

    My wife and I decided to come over to New Zealand at Christmas while visiting my brother in Perth, Australia ,when we there we were told if you can get a job offer it would be easier to get a visa. We at first thought catch 22, so did some home work and came across New Zealand Shores. After a lengthy conversation with Sarah, she pointed me in the right direction even though we hadn't signed to them, so with the info she had given I sent my CV to a number of firms and when I had some replies we decided to enlist their help and Sarah liaised with the firms I had replied to. I can only work off my own experiences but I think I would still be sending letters out. We signed to New Zealand Shores in February and I have been here in Auckland since and still loving it.

  • Ross, UK

    We had a dreadful time with the previous company we used, they were very dishonest and did not give us the right advice, which meant that I missed out on having a work visa from the moment that we entered New Zealand, which would have made the whole process a lot easier. I was very happy to find New Zealand Shores .... I jumped ship and have worked with them ever since.

    As a person Sarah is very caring, professional, honest and responsive to her clients needs, she really does get the job done, whilst providing a huge amount of support when its most needed.

    After all, moving countries is probably one of the most rewarding and scary things that anyone can do.

    I really do feel that the service that New Zealand Shores and Sarah provided were worth every penny.

  • Peter N, UK

    We contacted Sarah at New Zealand Shores when our visa application was stalled and we were at our wits end. Sarah responded immediately and we were very impressed with her knowledge and understanding of our situation. Sarah balanced empathy with solid pragmatism and took away the ‘emotion' that we had built into the application. Sarah provided a clear road map for us to follow and sensible advice on the steps that we had to take. I would have no hesitation in recommending Sarah to anyone who found themselves in our situation and suggest that anyone who is considering a new life in New Zealand would do well to consult Sarah very early in the process.

  • Andrew & Anna

    We’ve found New Zealand Shores to be brilliant in doing everything they can to ensure the success of our application. The understanding, hard working, never-say-die attitude made all the difference! We really couldn’t recommend them high enough!

  • Cameron P

    I was at first hesitant to consult an immigration adviser having heard a few horror stories of others’ experiences but New Zealand Shores came highly recommended. Having taken the plunge I wouldn’t have done things differently. Sarah and the team made things painless and easy, offering reassurance where needed and helping get everything required together for my residency application. The news of it being accepted was timed perfectly too; receiving it at our office’s Christmas barbecue about half an hour after finishing for the season. Beer in hand and good company to celebrate! I’ve already recommended New Zealand Shores to one friend and another is looking to apply for residency in April whom I’ll be pointing in the right direction. Thanks to the team for all their hard work.


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