With New Zealand family visas, there are a number of different paths to gaining a visa if you want to join your family in New Zealand.

If you simply want to visit your family while you are on holiday then a Visitor visa will suffice. However, if a member of your family is a New Zealand citizen or Permanent Resident then you may be eligible to migrate to New Zealand.

Parents, partners, dependent children and young adults and grandparents of New Zealand citizens and permanent residents are able to join their family in New Zealand. Many family members have the ability to either come to New Zealand temporarily or attain permanent residence through the appropriate channels.

For parents looking to join their children in New Zealand there are also options for temporary and permanent retirement.

Explore New Zealand VISAS

Permanent residency

New Zealand is renowned for its lifestyle and is a fantastic place to live and raise a family. Permanent residency gives you the opportunity to live and work in New Zealand on a long term basis.

Business visas

If you have money to invest in New Zealand and the entrepreneurial skills to put your ideas into practice then a business visa might be ideal way to work and live in New Zealand.

Temporary visas

A temporary visa suited to you and your family will give you the opportunity to experience life in New Zealand for a set period of time.