Migration to NZ & Australia

Job Offers & Recruitment

To confirm your registration to a seminar near you, click on a link below to pick a time, location, and indicate the number of guests . If the seminar times don't fit your schedule, or if you are serious about migrating, then we recommend you consider booking a personal consultation.

What you can expect from our seminars

  • What are New Zealand and Australia's main visa pathways and requirements
  • Information on the life in New Zealand and Australia, the economy, healthcare system and school system
  • Jobs from partner recruiters and employers
  • Job market and prospects for 2023-2024, new opportunities across a wide range of industries
  • How New Zealand and Australian Shores can help make it happen for you
  • There will be the opportunity for questions.

Travelling to meet you

Allan new zealand shores

Allan Crome

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Charlotte Stockman

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Anastasiya Florets'ka

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Sanjeev Singh

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