Work to Residence visas (Talent visas)

Do you have an exceptional Talent?

Certain work to residence pathways have closed

Important note: The work to residence Talent: Accredited Employer and Long Term Skills Shortage List work visas closed to new entrants on 1st November 2021.

Talent (Arts, Culture and Sports) work

If you excel in a declared field of art, culture, or sport, and are supported by a New Zealand organisation of national repute, you may be eligible for a work visa under Talent (Art, Culture and Sports) instructions.

Note, there are no English requirements for yourself as the principal applicant for this visa. However, your partner and dependent child(ren) will need to show that they meet a minimum standard of English to ensure their proficiency is sufficient to successfully settle in New Zealand.

Can I bring my family?

You cannot include your family in your Work to Residence application. However, they may apply separately based on their relationship to you (spouse and dependents). Once you seek Residence from Work, you may include them in your residence application.

Talk to us now so that we can advise on the specific requirements.

Seeking Residence from Work

After 24 months on a Work to Residence (Talent: Arts, Culture and Sports) you may seek Residence from Work. The main visa holder ('Principal Applicant') can, at that time, include their whole family (partner and dependent children) in their residence application. Once granted, they may stay in New Zealand indefinitely with a residence status.

Alternative to work to residence visas

The main category to seek residence in New Zealand is under the Skilled Migrant Category.

There are also options to invest in New Zealand.