Capped Working Holiday Schemes reopening

Working Holiday visa categories reopen

Immigration New Zealand has now confirmed the 2023 reopening dates for certain capped Working Holiday visa categories.

What is a capped scheme?

Due to bilateral agreements with New Zealand, certain countries have unlimited visa availability under the Working Holiday scheme, while others have a quota per year. Each scheme (by country) opens at a certain date and remains open until the quota is filled.

What are the changes?

INZ is currently updating the Spain and Vietnam schemes.

Spain sees the WHS cap increase from 200 to 2,000 per year and allow the WHV holder to work for the full 12-months duration of their visa.

Vietnam will see its WHS cap increase from 100 to 200 per year.

Opening dates for these two schemes will be confirmed later.

Reopening dates

Please refer to the table below to identify reopening dates and quota for each country.

Working Holiday Scheme2023 Opening DateCap (people per year)
Malaysia7 February 20231,150
Portugal21 February 202350
Mexico28 February 2023200
Estonia9 March 2023100
Philippines16 March 2023100
Hong Kong28 March 2023400
Slovenia6 April 2023100
Hungary27 April 2023100
Slovakia4 May 2023100
Austria11 May 2023100
Korea18 May 20233,000
Luxembourg1 June 202350
Poland8 June 2023100
Latvia15 June 2023100
Czech22 June 20231,200
Israel4 July 2023200
Singapore11 July 2023300
Taiwan18 July 2023600
China1 August 20231,000
Malta10 August 202350
Lituania17 August 2023100
Thailand24 August 2023100
Turkey31 August 2023100
Argentina14 September 20231,000
Croatia26 September 2023100
Peru3 October 2023100
Brazil10 October 2023300
Chile19 October 2023940
Uruguay2 November 2023200