Masks and COVID vaccine no longer required

The end of restrictions

Today New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced that New Zealand's main Covid-19 protections were being dropped from Tuesday 13th September.

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What this means

This means that masks will no longer be required to be worn, except in certain high-risk environments such as healthcare and aged care facilities. it also means that vaccination is no longer mandatory to travel to New Zealand. Travellers and crew whose first international flight to New Zealand departs after 11:59pm (NZT) on 12 September 2022 do not need proof of vaccination. This applies to people entering New Zealand from anywhere in the world.

From 13th September 2022, vaccination is no longer mandatory to travel to New Zealand.

The decision comes after health advice that Covid case numbers were at the lowest since February 2022 and the country's vaccination coverage was deemed sufficient.

Further, the Prime Minister highlighted just "two simple requirements" left in place for now: masks in healthcare settings and seven days isolation for positive cases.

New Zealand's borders are fully open

With vaccine mandate removed and borders fully open, there is nothing stopping you from starting your new life in New Zealand! Contact us today to discuss your prospects, or take our eligibility assessment!