Vaccination required for everyone who is not a NZ citizen

A first step to the reopening of NZ borders

The New Zealand government has announced that from the 1st of November, full vaccination will become a requirement for non-New Zealand citizens arriving in to New Zealand. The change has been implemented in order to add an extra layer of defence to New Zealand’s Covid response and assist with preventing as many covid positive people from entering New Zealand. The New Zealand government sees this as an important step in our plan to reconnect New Zealand to the world.

Declaring your vaccination status

Travellers will need to declare their vaccination status when registering for the MIQ (Managed Isolation Allocation System) and present either proof of being vaccinated or a relevant exemption to their airline and customs on arrival to New Zealand. New Zealand will accept a full course of any of the 22 Covid19 vaccines approved by a government or approval authority. A person must have had their last dose at least 14 days prior to travel. Further information will be provided as to what constitutes as evidence of being vaccinated or an approved exemption from vaccination.

New Zealand still currently requires every person entering New Zealand to spend 14 days in MIQ (quarantine) – this requirement has not yet been dissolved for vaccinated travellers.

In addition, Air New Zealand has announced that everyone who travels on Air New Zealand internationally, will need to show evidence of being fully vaccinated against Covid19 from the 1st of February 2022.

Please note, the New Zealand border still remains highly restricted unless a person is a NZ citizen/resident or meets one of the current exemption criteria to enter. However, this announcement is good progress on the governments four step plan to reopening to the world: