A success story: From Macedonia to New Zealand

We helped Dali and his family to move over from Macedonia. They are so glad they did, and they are now well settled just south of Christchurch. We had a few questions for them...


What country did you migrate from and when (year/month) ?

We come from Republic of Macedonia, I came first on 1-st of September 2016 and after 4 months my wife and two daughters arrived, allowing me lots of time to get to know how things are moving here, find a house to rent and get everything sorted for them.

Where in New Zealand have you settled and what are your jobs ?

We are living and working in Waimate, me as an electrician and my wife as a kitchen hand.

Why did you choose New Zealand ?

Well, it’s a good place to raise your children, safe, friendly, beatiful nature around us, everything is green, clean and fresh air and the temperature is more constant than what we are used to.

What advice would you give to those thinking about making the move ?

Stop thinking, just make the move!

What was the biggest surprise you discovered about New Zealand (if any) ?

Nothing really, took a while to get used to the sun block in January 🙂 What would you have done differently ?
I would have started with the immigration process sooner.

What’s the hardest part of migrating ?

Well, in my case saying goodbye to my loved ones at the airport ( my wife and daughters ) shared some tears, but it all worked well at the end.

If you were to do it again, what would you do differently?

Nothing, like I said, I should have started sooner with the immigration process.

What is the best thing about your new life in New Zealand?

No worries, no headaches, no stress.

We feel much, much safer

How does the cost of living compare to your country of origin?

Some of the groceries are roughly 50% more expensive comparing with our country, considering that the wage is given monthly and I wasn’t earning a third from my week wage here. We have water bills, child daycare is not free, dentist for kids is not free and you still have to pay the medicines even if you are paying your health insurance every month.

Would you say that you feel safer here in New Zealand?

Much, much safer.

What do you love most about New Zealand ?

I have to say the nature, green hills and clean blue rivers...

Have you overall felt that you were welcome?


What is your best experience with New Zealanders so far?

I was surprised how are everyone polite with each other...saying g-day to strangers you pass by on the street.

Are you finding the education system appropriate or difficult to adapt to?

We found it easy to adapt, so easy that the girls don’t even speak their first language anymore.

How does the cost of education compare to your country of origin?

Like I said, nothing is free over there, but comparing the wages and cost of living, here you can really afford to buy them one or two spare uniforms or anything they’ll need.

How well have your children settled into New Zealand ?

I must say I was surprised how well they managed to adapt and learn the language so quickly, every school here has a pool, beach is not far, and I think that helped a lot 🙂

Have you found it easy to get a job? Why?

Considering that I needed a job offer to apply for a work visa, I have to say it was stressful cause we were still in Macedonia. I was sending 4-5 CV’s a day every time I came back from work. And I understand the risk the boss is taking employing someone half a world away and they don’t know are they actually good at what they do or struggling. So, it wasn’t easy.

Is your new job at the level that you expected?

Even more than that, it’s well organised, no stress at work at all.