Skilled Migrant Residence category reopens

Reopening of the Skilled Migrant Category

After being paused for over 2 years, the reopening of the Skilled Migrant residence category is imminent. We will see a transitional phase over the next 12 months, before the category is revisited with new criteria mid-2023.

Key dates

The selection of expressions of interest (EOIs) for the Skilled Migrant Category Resident Visa will resume on 9 November 2022.

The first selection will be on 9 November 2022 for all EOIs with at least 160 points.

The second selection will be on 18 January 2023 for all EOIs with at least 180 points.

After 18 January 2022, a monthly selection of EOIs will occur on the third Wednesday of each month. All EOIs with at least 180 points will be selected.

What if I have an EOI in the pool

If you have an EOI in the pool and no longer wish to proceed, you can decide to withdraw your EOI at any time before the 9 November selection.

If you wish to proceed with the selection, then please get in touch with your Adviser to ensure all relevant information is up to date for the upcoming selection.

What if I do not have an EOI in the pool

Contact us so we can confirm your eligibility and ensure you can be part of the next selection.

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Future changes

The Government is undertaking consultation with relevant stakeholders with a view to change the selection and eligibility criteria for this category, effective mid-2023.