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Parent residence category reopens February 2020

Parent residence category reopens February 2020

New Zealand parent category to reopen in February 2020

After being ‘paused’ for almost 3 years, the parent category reopens in Feb 2020. New Zealand residents will be able to sponsor their parent(s) to come over and become residents themselves. Exact policy has not been released yet but it will be capped at 1,000 applicants/year and there will be requirements of guaranteed minimum income from both the applicants and the sponsors.

What are the changes?

The Parent category has been ‘paused’ for 3 years and it will reopen in February 2020 with a new set of criteria. Expressions of Interest (EOIs), which are the first step towards making an application, will open for selection in May 2020.

The new changes are:

  • applying an annual quote of 1,000 visa approvals
  • standardising the EOI process by having only 1 tier (former policy had a 2-tier system)
  • eligibility will be based on the New Zealand financial sponsors’ ability to support their parents and indexed on the NZ median income
  • sponsors will need to meet the income threshold for 2 out of the 3 years before the visa application is submitted
  • applicants’ financial means will no longer be considered when assessing applications

What changes for eligibility

It is now the sponsor’s finances that are considered, and no longer the applicant’s finances.

SponsorSponsor’s income required
1 sponsor  for 1 parentNZD $106,080 (2 time NZ median salary)
1 sponsor  for 2 parentsNZD $159,120 (3 times NZ median salary)
Sponsor and partner for 1 parent (joint income)NZD $159,120 (3 times NZ median salary)
Sponsor and partner for 2 parents (joint income)NZD $212,160 (4 times NZ median salary)
Guaranteed lifetime income of 1 applicant or of a coupleno longer a requirement
Settlement fundsno longer a requirement

I have already submitted an EOI, what happens now?

If you have submitted an EOI already, you will be invited to either update or withdraw. If you cannot meet the new criteria, you may seek a refund from Immigration New Zealand by emailing [email protected].

More information here

I am no longer eligible, what are my options?

You may be eligible under other categories, such as the Parent Retirement Resident visa (which involves investment) or the temporary Parent/Grandparent Visitor Visa.

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