The Skilled Migrant Visa is the most common choice for people wanting to call New Zealand home.

The skilled migrant visa is a points based system, and to be eligible to apply you must meet a level set by Immigration NZ, with points being awarded based on different factors relating to your skills, qualifications, experience and personal factors. Because attaining the set level of points is dependent on so many factors, it is essential to have your eligibility assessed by a licensed immigration advisor to avoid costly disappointment. Once you know that you are eligible the application is a two part process with the initial step being an online Expression of Interest (EOI) submitted to immigration. If your EOI is selected by immigration then you will be invited to apply for residence in New Zealand.


Our Skilled Migrant service includes

  • Managing everything required for the entire process, taking all the stress off your shoulders.
  • Any temporary visa applications that may be required (such as work visas to allow you to start work while your Skilled Migrant application is being processed) are included in our price!
  • Job search support.
  • Advice on CV writing/modifying for the unique New Zealand market.
  • Settlement advice and support – we know what life is like in NZ.
  • Invaluable ‘insiders’ knowledge – Our principal adviser was previously a Case Officer for Immigration New Zealand!
  • We are based in New Zealand, so can deal with local employers on your behalf – a huge advantage over off-shore immigration consultants.

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