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new zealand partner categories


Under the family categories you are eligible to apply for residence if you are the partner, parent or dependent child of a New Zealand permanent resident or citizen.

If you are in a relationship with a New Zealand citizen or resident then you may be eligible for permanent residency under the partnership category. Your partner in New Zealand must sponsor your application for residency and you must be able to prove that you are in a genuine and stable relationship for Immigration New Zealand to grant your visa.


How to apply for New Zealand permanent residency

Applying for permanent residence as the parent of a New Zealand resident or citizen is a two stage process. Firstly, you must submit and online Expression of Interest (EOI) under either tier one or tier two of the category. Tier one applications take priority over tier two applications and are processed and considered first. If your EOI is selected you will be invited to apply for residence.

Dependent children are eligible for permanent residence if their parents are New Zealand citizens or residents. It is important that dependent children meet all of the requirements under the Family Dependent Category.

It is important to talk to a licensed advisor whether you are eligible under any of the above categories to avoid any costly setbacks or mistakes.

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