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new zealand permanent residency

Permanent Residency in New Zealand

Permanent residency in New Zealand means that you can stay in New Zealand indefinitely and predominantly have the same rights as a New Zealand citizen; you are able to buy property, attend New Zealand schools as a domestic student and access New Zealand healthcare. After being a permanent resident for 12 months you are able to vote and then after two years you are able to claim New Zealand Welfare. People immigrating to New Zealand can gain Permanent Residency once they have held Residency for over 2 years and satisfied the Residency conditions.  The pathway to Residency, and ultimately Permanent Residency, can be gained through three categories: Skilled Migrancy, a Work Visa or through Partnership and Family Categories.

Visas that lead to Permanent Residency

Skilled Migrant Visa

The most popular way to gaining New Zealand permanent residence is based on skilled migration.

Partner & Family Categories

If you are either related to or in a relationship with a New Zealand citizen or resident then you could be eligible to migrate to New Zealand permanently.

New Zealand Work Visa

If you have an offer of skilled employment from a New Zealand employer then you can apply for a general New Zealand work visa.