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New Zealand partnership visas harder to get

New Zealand partnership visas harder to get

INZ taking a tougher stance on partnership visas

Crackdown on partnership visitor visas can be very frustrating


Over the last few months, we have seen a shift in how INZ assesses partnership-based applications, whether visitor, work, or residence. One in three partnership visitor visas are being declined at the moment, and the amount of partnership evidence required by INZ is growing. By tightening up a lot on partnership applications, Immigration New Zealand is intending to crack-down on relationships that they believe are not genuine.

To be eligible for a partnership-based visa, or to include your partner in your residence application, you must be able to prove that you are living in a genuine and stable relationship. Compiling enough evidence and ensuring it is relevant evidence can be quite difficult. Our Licensed Advisers are expert in partnership visas and know exactly what is required for an application to be successful. Find out more details in our partnership section.

If you are serious about making the move to New Zealand but unsure about the process, take our eligibility assessment.