What is an Accredited Employer?

And what if you get a job with an accredited employer?

Some larger New Zealand employers undergo a pre-approval process by Immigration New Zealand to hire migrants because they frequently need to rely on overseas talents for their business. This waives the requirement to provide certain supporting information for each and every visa application and allows them to employ skilled migrant workers without first having to do a Labour Market test to assess if any New Zealanders can fill the position.

What this means for you

If an accredited employer offers you a full-time position, you may seek a Talent Work Visa. This 30 months visa allows you to work for this employer and provides a pathway to to not only live in New Zealand temporarily but also seek residence after 24 months.

Note that your partner and dependent children are not 'included' in your work visa application, however, they may seek visas in their own right, based on their relationship with you.

After you have worked in New Zealand for an accredited employer for at least 24 months, you may be eligible for a Residence from work visa.

An option to explore

Finding employment with one of the 600 accredited employers could be an interesting option to achieve your migration goals if you do not meet the requirement of the Skilled Migrant Category, or if you have a particular skillset that is sought after by these accredited employers.

If you are offered full-time, skilled employment by a New Zealand accredited employer, you may be granted a work visa leading to residence after 24 months. What’s more, the visa application will be facilitated as the employer has been pre-approved to hire overseas workers.

How to find Accredited Employers?

The Immigration New Zealand website has a search tool by industry and/or keyword, where you look for Accredited New Zealand employers:

We would not, however, recommend that you limit yourself to these employers. New Zealand has a wealth of opportunities in a diverse array of industries and if you have the right skills for the job, you may be eligible for residence under the Skilled Migrant Category, which is the preferred pathway for most skilled candidates.

Is this the only option for you? Are you eligible under alternative pathways? Take our eligibility assessment to find out!

Thinking about becoming Accredited?

Are you a Kiwi employer looking to hire overseas talents?

If you are an employer and are thinking about getting Accredited, we can help! There may be other options too, contact us now to discuss your requirements.hat is required to become an Accredited Employer