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New Zealand job market on a high for 2018

New Zealand almost at full employment


The New Zealand job market ended 2017 and started 2018 on a very high note, with excellent job prospects for New Zealanders and prospective migrants alike.Improved New Zealand labour market

The quarterly labour market scorecard, issued by the Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment notes that the unemployment rate dropped to 4.5 per cent. Jobs in New Zealand are definitely there for those looking for the right opportunities to emigrate to New Zealand. At 67.8% the employment rate is the highest on record since 1968! Labour supply is steady and labour quality has improved, with higher-qualified positions being fulfilled.

With more people in skilled employment and such a low unemployment rate, immigrating to New Zealand has hardly ever looked so enticing.

Construction jobs top of the list

Construction jobs are still topping the list of advertised positions, with mining, resources and energy industry also rising strongly. To a lesser extent, but still important increase, the manufacturing, transport and logistics industry also delivered positive results with 30% more jobs and an average advertised salary of NZ$65,519. In the construction industry, the average advertised salary was NZ$103,048 in January 2018, the highest across all industries in New Zealand.

Attracting overseas talents

What do you need to emigrate to New Zealand?

How easy is it to move to New Zealand? For starters, you will most likely need a job offer. We can help with this! Having an occupation on an absolute skills shortage list would be helpful but is not an absolute requirement. We will check that the offer meets the requirements and can constitute the base for a work visa or a residence application. Once confirmed, we will apply for a visa for you to work and live in New Zealand.

Are there New Zealand jobs for foreigners?

Employers cannot specifically target migrants to look for employees. However, some are struggling to find the right staff and talent within New Zealand, so your experience and skills may be very valuable and bridge the skill shortage gap.

We can assess your chances to find a job in New Zealand, and your eligibility for visa. It is as simple taking our eligibility assessment!

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