New Zealand comes up trumps for expats.

Migrants newly established in New Zealand would best describe the country as friendly and welcoming. A recent HSBC Expat Survey, which annually questions expats living in 34 countries around the world, rated New Zealand as the best place to raise a child, but also the country where expats are most likely to stay long term with a whooping 90% intending to stay indefinitely. Read more here  

A New Zealand story: Beaches, barbies, and a new lifestyle

Another successful story of a young family who changed their life around for the best. They took the plunge and decided move to New Zealand from the UK. A diverse culture, laid-back lifestyle, stunning scenery, great education, or short commuting are only a few of the advantages that New Zealand offers over the UK. “London didn’t offer the same space, quality of life, outdoors focus, safety, quality of education, affordability of homes, or work-life balance prospects.” Methodical preparation can also …

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A New Zealand story: An international family

Career opportunities, a strong local community spirit, and New Zealanders’ unmatched friendliness really tipped the scale in favour of New Zealand when this family decided to move from the UK. “New Zealand is a land of opportunity, and as long as you do your preparation and research then there are a lot of opportunities”, says the mother. Find out more about their particular experience of moving to New Zealand from the UK, browse our “Life in NZ” pages, or sign up …

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A New Zealand story: Surveying new horizons

A young Sri Lankan family has opted for New Zealand for their daughter’s education. After waving options, they decided to make a move to New Zealand as a family and come over with their daughter. With a skill set in demand, their job research was successful and they have been enjoying the low population density in New Zealand. Read their story on New Zealand Now website

A New Zealand story: Destiny calls

Dr Antonios Chasouris was drawn to New Zealand by a lifelong fascination for this country. Since making the move to New Zealand as a skilled migrant, he’s confident he made the right choice. Find out how his multi-skill qualifications has facilitated his emigration to New Zealand. Read his story on New Zealand Now website

Migration to New Zealand at an all time high

Migration to New Zealand has reached an all time high and exceeded the governments expectations which has been encouraged by students arriving from India to study and Kiwis returning home from Australia. Over the past year New Zealand gained 45,400 migrants and the Reserve Bank is estimating that 50,000 people will be added to the labour market over the next year. India has also overtaken China as the third largest source of long term arrivals with the UK in second …

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Raising children? New Zealand is the best place in the world to do it!

New Zealand has been voted the best place for raise a family according the HSBC Expat Explorer Survey. New Zealand was at the top of the Raising Children Abroad  annual league table, closely followed by South Africa, Germany and Japan. It was noted by many expats that their children had increased health and wellbeing and safety in New Zealand. Our diverse landscapes, great climate and scenery could largely be attributed to why many expats found New Zealand the best place …

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Glacier Country in New Zealand

Westland Tai Pounini is the National Park best known for its icy terrain. Some of which includes tongues of ice which extend to sea level. Westland Tai Pounini also features the famous Franz Joseph and Fox Glaciers which attract thousands of visitors per year. Fox Glacier was named in 1872 after a visit from the prime minister at the time; Sir William Fox. Fox Glacier is currently 13km long and is fed by four alpine glaciers and is one of …

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New Zealand – Home of the Bungy Jump

In the 1980’s two young entrepreneurial Kiwi’s started New Zealand’s first commercial bunny jump off the Kawarau bridge just outside of Queenstown. You can bunny jump from many different locations including bridges, rail viaducts, stadium roofs and platforms on the edges of cliffs. If you want to experience New Zealand scenery from a different perspective then Bungy Jumping is for you! Bungy jumps are all subject to strict safety procedures and it remains a popular activity among locals and tourists. …

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