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New Zealand – Home of the Bungy Jump

New Zealand – Home of the Bungy Jump

In the 1980’s two young entrepreneurial Kiwi’s started New Zealand’s first commercial bunny jump off the Kawarau bridge just outside of Queenstown. You can bunny jump from many different locations including bridges, rail viaducts, stadium roofs and platforms on the edges of cliffs. If you want to experience New Zealand scenery from a different perspective then Bungy Jumping is for you! Bungy jumps are all subject to strict safety procedures and it remains a popular activity among locals and tourists. Check out some of the awesome locations below of Bungy Jumps in New Zealand.


Auckland: Bungy jumping from the Sky Tower and the Auckland Harbour Bridge

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Queenstown: The Kawerau Bridge and The Ledge Bungy at the top of the Queenstown Gondola’s

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