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New Zealand Investor and Entrepreneur visa

High decline rate for New Zealand business visas

Is business migration really the best pathway for you?

The New Zealand entrepreneur visa was introduced in 2014 to replace the long term business visa. If you have NZ$10 million to invest in New Zealand over a 3-year period, you can apply for New Zealand residence via the Investor 1 (Investor plus) resident visa. If you have $3m, the Investor 2 visa is an option. If you have any less, the Entrepreneur visas may be an option for you. These visa categories are based on a points system whereby your age, management experience, and benefit to New Zealand, are assessed against a scale.

Buy a business or invest in New Zealand

The Entrepreneur visa

Under this category you can either buy, invest or start up your own business. Reaching the points threshold may seem relatively easy, theoretically allowing you to be granted a 2-year visa, after which you may seek residence. However, the difficulty lies in demonstrating the benefits your business provides to New Zealand, and this is key to your application being  approved under this visa category. Many people fail at this stage. It is therefore extremely important to have your eligibility assessed by a Licensed Adviser early on, to avoid disappointment, or loss of funds through the process, should your application fail.

Our success rate on this visa category is 100% (as of 05/2018). However, the approval rate recorded by INZ early 2018 is 2-5%. This means that the vast majority of applicants are poorly prepared, or do not meet the very high threshold imposed by Immigration New Zealand.

The Skilled Migrant Category and other alternatives

Based on your background and credentials, your personal immigration adviser will recommend the best pathway to achieve your migration goals. You may want to invest in New Zealand, but your assets are not sufficient? We advise you look into the Entrepreneur pathway. Alternatively, you may find that you intend to come as an entrepreneur, but realistically, the Skilled Migrant Category and Work to Residence visas are much safer or quicker pathways to residence.

Are you a global entrepreneur?

To attract high-calibre entrepreneurs in New Zealand, the government has introduced the Global Impact Visa. If you would like to establish a global-scale business, right here in New-Zealand, this category is for you. Note, only 100 visas will be granted per year, for 4 years.

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