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Medicals and X-rays for visas

Medicals and X-rays for visas

Do I need to provide Medical Reports and X-rays?

Health requirements may be different depending on your visa

To prove that you have an Acceptable Standard of Health (‘ASH’), you may have to provide a medical report or a chest x-ray certificate with your visa application. These must be done by an Approved Panel Physician.¬†Only doctors and radiologists approved by Immigration New Zealand can certify your standard of health.

Medicals are expensive

Medical are expensive and only valid for 3 months before they are lodged with a visa application. We recommend you discuss your situation with your Licensed Immigration Adviser before obtaining your medicals. They will be able to advise on the best timing to seek them, and other required evidence, for your visa application.

Is my standard of health acceptable?

In our Video blog, Licensed Adviser Tobias Tohill discuss health requirements and minor conditions which are not usually a concern for a visa application.