Made in New Zealand

Why is it that New Zealand made products are so desirable around the world? New Zealand boasts strict standards for production of items and we are known for our low levels of corruption. Food products, beauty products, clothing and toys are amongst the niche products that are manufactured in New Zealand and in demand around the world. New Zealand cannot compete on a large scale with international producers but the emphasis on New Zealand producers is that they are producing high quality products instead of high quantities. Whilst there is no standard to determine how much of product has to be made in New Zealand for it to claim the 'Made in New Zealand' title, you can rest assured that every product is of the highest quality possible!

The 'Buy New Zealand Made' campaign started in 1988 at a time when many large New Zealand companies were diverting to cheaper labour that could be found offshore and the market was rapidly changing with cheaper imports being widely available. The idea of the 'Buy New Zealand Made' campaign was to keep Kiwis in jobs and the economy expanding. You can find more information on the 'Buy New Zealand Made' campaign at the following link: The Website also feature a large array of high quality New Zealand products for you to explore and buy! With more and more products being made offshore, the demand for New Zealand products both here at home, and around the world is higher than ever!