Leaf Secure South Africa

Introducing Leaf Secure - financial emigration services

Leaf Secure is a South-Africa based company providing financial services to migrants worldwide.

"Leaf Secure largely takes the hassle and the risk off moving your funds from South Africa."

Moving funds across country can be difficult. Particularly from places tax law is complex and changing, currency particularly volatile, and cybersecurity a real issue. In business for over 30 years, Leaf Secure helps customers control their currency transfers, resulting in savings and a hassle-free process. They can help migrants with:

  • Retirement Annuity Withdrawal

Access or emigrate your retirement annuity funds, wherever you settle down...

  • Pension, Provident and Preservation Funds in South Africa

Guidance on how to cash in your South African pension.

  • Transfer Money out of your home country

Get the financial services you need to transfer your money out of your home country.

  • SARS Tax Clearance

Offering to South African expats a convenient tax clearance service.

  • Tax Implications of Emigrating

Leaving the country doesn’t necessarily leaving taxes behind. Leaf Secure will help decipher the process for you.

  • Income from Pensions

Your pension is an income, and it needs to be treated as one.

  • Inheritance and Deceased Estates South Africa

Whether you’re giving one or receiving one, know what to expect with South African inheritance in terms of your emigration.

  • Exchange Control

We provide professional exchange control services for expats.

  • Tax Refunds for migrants

Living abroad might make you eligible for a tax refund. Leaf Secure can handle your tax.