Working and Living in New Zealand - for Medical Professionals

Come and join us to hear us speak about working and living as a health professional in New Zealand.

ACCENT Health Recruitment: NZ needs health professionals

Accent Health Recruitment

Our partner recruiter Accent Health Recruitment is hosting this seminar for health professionals and will discuss the following:

  • Job opportunities and recruitment advice
  • Relocation Advice
  • Housing Advice
  • Information on schooling

New Zealand Shores immigration consultants will provide

  • Immigration advice
  • the latest updates in NZ immigration for 2022-2023.

New Zealand treats will be served for you.
Copy of NZ CV template given to you
Interview questions and preparation given to you.

If you are coming on a working holiday this year, or migrating in the next 5 years - then make sure you attend this event.

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Private consultations also available

30mn one-to-one consultations will be available. They include a personalised written eligibility assessment detailing the conditions of your eligibility. We would typically cover any questions you may have on the assessment.

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