Job Search Services for Skilled Migrants

Immigration New Zealand job matching services

INZ has extended its newcomer skills matching and job search assistance services programme to assist skilled migrants who have lost jobs due to COVID-19.


The newcomer skills matching services are typically available to skilled migrants resident visa holders. To alleviate the impact of COVID-19, these services are now also available to temporary visa holders on work to residence visas who have lost a job and need an equivalent job to help them retain their pathway to residence. New migrants often lack a much-needed support network which oftens plays an important part in securing a role.

These services are available throughout New Zealand and match job-seekers with employers and help migrants become familiar with New Zealand’s workplace culture and recruitment processes.

The six agencies and their services include:

You can find out more about the newcomer skills matching and jobs search assistance services on this website, or by making enquiries with any of the agencies.

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