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Increased visa processing times over the next 3 months

Visa processing time to peak over summer

Immigration New Zealand is currently receiving very high numbers of applications, and the busy period is expected to continue until March 2019.

You should wait until your application is completed before you make travel plans

New Zealand is an incredibly popular destination, and even more so over summer, when visitors flow in to visit our great outdoors, and students seek visas for January and July intakes.

Processing times (INZ website)

How does this affect me?

If you have travel plans, we recommend you take these increased processing time into account. INZ will not assess your application faster because you have a travel deadline, and you may end up losing your airfare.

How can my application be processed faster?

At New Zealand Shores, we ensure your information is correct and your application meets all requirements before lodgement of your visa application. This will mitigate the risk of delay in processing.

Typical processing times for the most common temporary visas

As of 12/2018, 80% applications processed within this timeframe.

Visa category and typeAverage processing time

Essential Skills work visa

55-65 days

Work to residence visa

20-30 days
Visitor visa18-20 days
Student visa30-40 days
Partner of a New Zealander30-50 days
Partner of a worker40-60 days