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ICC cricket world cup 2015 coming soon!

Cricket World CupThe 2015 ICC cricket world cup is coming soon! A few more days to go and the event will be kickstarted with the first game in Christchurch, Canterbury, with New Zealand Black Caps playing Sri Lanka on 14th February. An audience of a billion fans is expected to follow the games in Australia as well as iconic New Zealand cities such as Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Nelson, Christchurch, etc. This large sporting event (14 teams will be hosted) is a great opportunity to unwind in between the 23 games and visit our beautiful country over this 3-week period! For those who can only follow the competition on TV, Sky Sport cricket experts Laura McGoldrick and Mark Richardson will travel around the country watch and comment on the games. If you are interested in travelling to New Zealand during the Cricket World Cup or if you would love to coincide your move to New Zealand with the tournament then get in touch today.

For more information on the ICC Cricket World Cup, visit their website. Or if you would like more information about visiting, living or working in New Zealand then visit our website 2.newzealandshores.com