Highest number of New Zealand job opportunities on record

Seek New Zealand reveals that jobs on offer are at an all-time high.

The recent survey shows the highest number of jobs ever advertised for the third consecutive month

Plenty of jobs, no candidates

As the availability of suitable candidates fell over 10% month-on-month since the beginning of 2021, SEEK.co.nz has had its highest number of jobs ever advertised for the 3rd consecutive month.

This means there has never been so many jobs on offer, compared to the number of available candidates.

We at New Zealand Shores certainly see this on a daily basis with employers detailing their attempts to recruit New Zealanders are desperate. When we used to see no suitable candidates, due to the lack of qualification of sufficient experience, certain employers are now recording no applications from onshore.

SEEK job ads were up by 5% m/m.

SEEK job ads were up by 193% in May 2021 when compared to May 2020 (y/y) and were up 24% when compared to May 2019.

Which industries hold the most job opportunities?

For the period recorded, the three industries that are listing the most ads were:

    • Education & Training,
    • Engineering and Mining,
    • Resources & Energy